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See What Happens….

…when parents take the long view?

OK.  Full disclosure:  I really don’t know if that is the reason that these ladies turned out to be such great grown-ups but I DO know that I enjoy reading this multi-generational look at life, love and family.

And, I’ve been a little skewed toward mother-son relationships of late.  So please take a look at Raising Amazing Daughters here.

I think you’ll be glad that you did.

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  • Keyuri Joshi

    Though I’m a parent of only one phenomenal kid who happens to be a boy, I LOVE this entry. Why? Because it is simply heartwarming to know that their are great girls out there for my son to marry! So mom’s of daughters; “thank you” and I promise to reciprocate in the way I raise my son so that one day he will become a phenomenal husband.

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