Dec 222012

If you wanna soar, first you’ve gotta get unstuck.

“Before I can fly, I’ve gotta….”

How are we going to fill in that blank for you???    And what’s up with the ugly little bird?

I took this picture at my home in New Hampshire.  I’d been watching a mother bird feed her little ones.

Then, it was time for them to fly.  Only this little baby wasn’t convinced.  I’ll never know whether he didn’t WANT to fly or he wasn’t physically ready.  It probably doesn’t matter.  Somebody else set a goal for him and he didn’t achieve it.

Well… actually….  That’s not 100% accurate.  He and his sibs “flew” to the ground.  The others made it to the top of the garden fence.  And then higher up in a tree.  And on to the roof of the barn.

Except for this one.  He was on the ground and going nowhere in a hurry. And not at all happy about it.

Can you relate?  I know I can.  I have (at least once in my life) managed to make myself miserable by ‘comparing my insides’ to what I see others doing.  Or, worse still, trying to reach goals I didn’t set.  I can’t think of a better way to stay grounded.

I see flight as both a science and an art.  Some critters don’t do it because they lack the necessary equipment.  Others haven’t yet developed the necessary strength and coordination… or mastered the timing.

It’s not all that different from the way humans grow in to the various roles we take on in our lives.

Whether writer, visual artist, salesperson or parent… living up to our potential requires a combination of science (skills and information) and art (choosing the right combination and making them a part of what you do).  And as much as we’d sometimes like to pretend otherwise, there’s no magic bullet. When it comes to getting unstuck there is no ‘one size fits all.’

 So many ways to get unstuck! Here are a few:




Still not sure what you want?  There are more workshop ideas here.


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