Oct 232019

Still back home after so many travel adventures and schedule disruptions — and it still feels wonderful. (And, no, I don’t care how positive my attitude is on any given day, I still cannot bring myself to call a hurricane evacuation an ‘adventure’ — at least not this last one. Sue me.)

Being back home gives me the security to dig in to new projects and make big strides on some of the longer term variety. Oddly, being back in the office is stretching me in several areas: creativity, productivity, and congruence. I feel challenged to do good work while maintaining healthy boundaries, particularly in my commitment to build on some recent health and fitness gains.

Back at Work at Home

Working from a home office has not always been a body-friendly activity: I can sit too long, exercise too little, and quickly revert to old, unhealthy eating habits. But my newly rekindled appreciation for being here finds me setting up new routines. This sort of scheduling extends beyond laundry and groceries — I’ve been making exercise appointments with myself— and actually keeping them. (I may be sharing this with you to help me stay accountable. We’ll see.)

Working from a home office has not always been a body-friendly activity: I can sit too long, exercise too little, and quickly revert to old, unhealthy eating habits. Click To Tweet

The temperature here in my still new-to-me home turf is starting to break. And while cries of “It’s fall y’all” still seem a bit premature, the occasional rainstorm, crisp morning, or an extended breeze let us know that cooler temperatures and more comfortable outdoor time are on the way. The dogs are happy — and paying closer attention every time I lace up my walking shoes.

Concept. Attitude. Place.

Last week’s post and some of your comments challenged me to think more about the concept of ‘back home.’ Yes, sometimes it’s a concept. Sometimes an attitude. Only occasionally is it a physical place.

Sometimes ‘back home’ is a concept. Sometimes an attitude. Only sometimes is it a physical place. Click To Tweet

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned. ~ Maya Angelou

You don’t teach morals and ethics and empathy and kindness in the schools. You teach that at home, and children learn by example. ~ Judy Sheindlin

Your body is your temple, it’s your home, and you must decorate it. ~ Gabourey Sidibe

Every day is a journey and the journey itself is home. ~ Matsuo Basho

I’m really quite simple. I plant flowers and watch them grow… I stay at home and watch the river flow. ~ George Harrison

Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in. ~ Robert Frost

All I was doing was trying to get home from work. ~ Rosa Parks

Middle age is when you’re sitting home on a Saturday night and the telephone rings and you hope it’s not for you. ~ Ogden Nash



  9 Responses to “Thoughts on Being Back Home”

  1. Andrea, I can safely say that you have this “home” bit totally right! I’ve travelled so much and have shifted countries, cities and homes far too mnay times to know that “home” is rarely a place….more a loving space where loving people reside. No matter where it is…and many a times we find home in hearts too 🙂

  2. My home is where I’d rather be than anywhere else in the world. It is my solace.

  3. Home is where you feel at home. I have to admit that I snickered when I read, “Working from a home office has not always been a body-friendly activity.” Ain’t that the truth! Another great article, Andrea. I’m looking forward to next week’s installment.

  4. Lovely post! Welcome home! 😊

  5. Another post after my own heart. I’ve done a lot of soul searching recently along with adventure and past life/soul remembering. Your blog resonates with me dearly. Especially what you said about HOME.

  6. It’s true, Andrea. Home is rarely a place, it’s a feeling. I remember when I lived away from my family for my studies and later working life, home was where my parents and dachshunds were to be found. My father had a transferable job with residence and country changing every 3 years. The 1 constant was knowing that when I got off the plane, they would be waiting at the airport to take me ‘home’ and then I’d be with the dachshunds and them and sleep well knowing I was in the bosom of the family.

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