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No, it’s not a typo… you read it right….

Now that summer vacation is underway, it might be time to introduce your family to the concept of summer VOcation.

Sleeping-in and swimming and riding bikes are all great fun but instead of focusing only on firing up the backyard barbecue you might want to think about ways to fire up your kids’ imaginations!

There are lots of ways to do this, but the more flexible schedules and attitudes that come along with summer break may provide you with the chance to introduce the kids to different kinds of job opportunities. What may seem mundane to a grown-up can be intriguing to somebody who has never really considered how this particular process or product comes to life.

Get creative. Who do you know with an unusual job or job setting? Can you take a family field trip to a farm or a dog training class? How about a boat yard or a campground? How about visiting a bakery, a golf course or a plant nursery? Notice things. Ask questions. Exposure to new people, places and can open up conversations about the different kinds of work that people do… and may open up a whole new area of interest for someone you love!

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  1. Love your ideas and your perspective. Unstructured summer time with kids is such an opportunity for adventuring, investigating, experimenting, local exploring, talking, museuming–all under the umbrella of imaginative play, which is the real work of children.

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