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I was horrified and heartbroken by the murders at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Most people were. I’ve also been deeply moved by the response of the MSD students: the way they have channeled their grief and outrage is nothing short of heroic. I follow many of them on social media where you might be surprised to discover, there is a variety of “adult” media users spewing hate and threats in their direction. The kids’ use of social media is impressive; it seems that, in the face of the haters, they laugh. It’s hard to be phased by angry words when one has survived a near-death experience. Like so many of my friends have said, I’m so in love with these kids.

They are completely committed to continuing to change the conversation about gun violence in America and continue to develop ways for others to join their movement. Not everyone can amplify their social media messages nor will everyone be able to march with them in Washington on March 24th. Not all of them will be old enough to vote in the midterms.

But these beautiful, brave, passionate, intelligent students have come up with a way to help younger students have a voice in the process. It’s called Parents Promise to Kids

It’s a simple but powerful idea: parents, grandparents or other community members promise kids they will vote for candidates that take action against easy access to guns.

And, of course, there is information on the site about sharing your signed contracts on social media or with the organizers.

Have you figured out what that big number in my headline is all about? 15,549? It’s the estimated number of non-suicide gun deaths in the US last year. How can you afford not to get involved?





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  10 Responses to “Public Enemy Number 15,549”

  1. Powerful! I have been impressed by the students throughout this crisis. They are showing up as true leaders. May their voices and commitment bring change!

  2. Like you, Andrea, I have been deeply touched by the movement these young people have created! I follow many of them on Twitter as well and find them intelligent and able to express a wide variety of ideas and issues in a very mature and clear way. I would love to support everything they are doing, however, I believe the Pledge for Parents is geared to U.S. citizens only. As a Canadian it is hard to fathom what has been allowed to happen in the U.S. I watch in sadness and my hope is out of the chaos and decline of morality and values, will spring a new brighter more humane society. I am happy to share these movements with others! Thank you.

    • They are amazing — and I think you are right, the Pledge for Parents (and grandparents and organizations) is geared toward Americans. I am deeply grateful for the love and support of our Canadian cousins. It feels peaceful and mature. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Thank you for sharing these important ideas and information. We must support the bravery of these amazing students. They are the generation who can bring great change and peace to our planet.

  4. Thank you for sharing this important information.

  5. Hi Andrea, You are brave! Your voice shares a position that many share but don’t know how to express. Thank you!

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