May 062009

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What is an “attitude”? Good or bad, parents certainly ‘know it when we see it!’ Most of us can agree that ‘attitude’ is the way the things we think, feel and believe add up to impact our actions.

I particularly like the definition that describes ‘attitude’ as ‘a habitual way of thinking about or acting on things.’

Anyone can be subject to occasional bouts of bad or negative attitude. There are days that even the most optimistic person can feel “off” or “blue.” That’s the reason that I like this particular definition so much – it speaks to the habitual nature of attitude and outlook.

And that’s great news. It means that if we have a positive attitude — it can get better. It also means that if we have a negative attitude –- it can get better. We can choose strategies for breaking a negative mood and strengthening a positive one.

Almost every day presents an opportunity to talk to our children about the power of choosing our attitude. One way that many people have successfully strengthened their ‘upbeat muscles’ is with gratitude. Keep a journal, make a list, write a ‘thank you’ note or just notice.

Attitudes are like plants – the ones we feed are the ones that grow and flourish. To make a habit of focusing on “what’s right” keeps us optimistic, strong and resilient – maybe even enough to ‘fix’ what’s wrong.


  4 Responses to “How’s your Habit-tude?”

  1. I love the timing of this article. I just published a similar article for ‘grown ups’ (the managers and business owners I work with) entitled “Catch Somebody Doing Something Right” (at No only does it change your life to have the attitude of gratitude but it changes others lives as well. When someone says thank you to another, you reinforce the other’s behavior – because we all love to hear Thank You! So, thank you Andrea for writing this article!

  2. I really like this. Pulls together a whole lot of pieces from various parts of life and learning. You tell it!

    • Thanks! I love it when something I ‘think’ or ‘know’ from one part of my life seems to apply in other areas.

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