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I love February. It seems to me that the commercial world has been building toward Valentine’s Day dinner reservations, heart-shaped jewelers and over-priced flowers since January 2nd but my reasons for loving the love month are different.

When I lived in the north country, having a short month with slightly longer days was a glorious relief — and gave us some wonderful mid-week ski days. I love that it’s the shortest month — even during Leap Year. It’s quirky. It’s got attitude. And Groundhog Day. Think about it. Could any other month tolerate — let alone embrace — a morning that features men in top hats using a large rodent to predict the weather?

…With His Boots On. In February.

Could any other month tolerate — let alone embrace — a morning that features men in top hats using a large rodent to predict the weather? Click To Tweet

Growing up, the family typically spent winter school vacations skiing. I know, I know… the glitz and glamour of an annual ski vacation? Not so fast. Kids growing up in certain parts of Vermont and New Hampshire get to go skiing as part of physical ed and Gram and Gramp lived exactly one mile from a ski area in the White Mountains. It wasn’t the least little bit glitzy but skiing all day, every day? (And Grampa driving us there with his ski boots already ON???) The word ‘exhilarating’ comes to mind for both parts of that memory.

February is home to several other family favorites: some birthdays and special anniversaries, two of which take place on Hoodie-Hoo Day! (Relax. I didn’t know either.) And best of all? Friends from cold places reserving our guest room. It’s a lot of fun to share this part of the world with them and the azaleas in full bloom add to the brightness and joy. And aren’t there some award shows coming up? I love design and am a sucker for a good red carpet. In addition, despite the fun we have with the family’s annual NFL football pool for bragging rights and trash talk? Football.Season.Is.Finally.Over.

February is for Amelia Island Book Festival

My favorite book festival is here in February and the experience has been different for me every year. I’ve attended the author training, the kick-off luncheon, and the gala. I’ve assisted a good friend with the Teen and Tween Scene, helped start a ‘welcome’ reception for indie authors, and attended numerous inspiring talks and break-out sessions by wonderful authors. And the grand finale each year is the Author Expo.  (And, since the year it started, a week or two later, we head for the Jacksonville Library for a similar event!)

The Amelia Island Book Festival comes around in February and the experience has been different for me every year. Click To Tweet

This year I’m feeling some synchronicity about our local book festival, Black History Month, and Susan B. Anthony Day. Let’s just say that both my local grand girl and I are fangirling like crazy at the prospect of meeting Margot Less Shutterfly, the author of Hidden Figures.

And amethyst: those incredible purple quartz crystals that almost always make me stop and take a deep breath. I appreciate its range of hues, from deep pansy to a much lighter lilac. As a 30-year veteran of the addiction treatment world, I appreciate that  in Ancient Greece to was believed that it protected the wearer from drunkenness and enabled them to keep a balanced mindset. It’s also a symbol humility, spiritual wisdom, and sincerity — important elements of addiction recovery.addiction recovery.

Awareness of Joy

I just found out that February 4th is National Hemp Day and, frankly, probably wouldn’t care, except For having recently discovered the benefits of CBD oil as a dietary supplement.  Skeptical? Sure. At first. And then I learned that CBD is not the same as THC. There’s no “high” associated with its’ use — unless you’re one of my dogs, waiting for their CBD cookies. That’s a level of happiness that’s hard to ignore. (And that’s the point of dogs, right?)

I just found out that February 4th is National Hemp Day. Click To Tweet

And Happy Heart Health month to you all. What an incredible reminder to brunch up on your CPR skills as well as to check in with ourselves and our health care providers to be mindful of diet and exercise and all those other things we need to do to ensure that this incredible center is able to thrive. I have come to love yoga heart opening poses and believe that an awareness of joy supports heart health!

What are your favorite things about February? Will I see you at the book festival? Or on the red carpet? I’m looking forward to your comments.



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  5 Responses to “February. More Reasons to Love the Love Month”

  1. The best part of February? Players report to Spring Training and the countdown begins for another season of Major League baseball. Go Braves!

  2. I love this so much. There’s so much vibrancy,zest and love. Happy hemp day … didn’t even know. Thanks for sharing

  3. Wow Andrea what a month of magic besides the love month
    So much to love, Hart Health, amethysts, book festivals and more
    so much joy for you xxx

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