Jun 302020


Still conflicted about trying to flatten the Covid-19 curve by self-quarantine, constant hand washing or wearing a mask? Watch the animation all the way through. It blew my mind.


I’ve not seen a more powerful representation of Covid-19 death rates. It’s chilling. Click To Tweet



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  3 Responses to “Covid-19 Statistics”

  1. I take it all seriously and have an array of masks as well as scented and unscented hand sanitizer. I have too much respect for life, mine and others, to play politics with it.

  2. Pretty scary stuff. And every time I leave my house I see the maskless hordes. I’m afraid this will be with us a long time.

    • We had loosened up our circle of contact a tiny bit. Locked it all back down last week. I don’t understand the lack of concern for others e.g. masks.

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