May 272013

K-9 Ox



Once upon a time I was in the right place at the right time and had a chance to be part of an experience that touched me deeply.

I knew of a woman who was testing German Shepherd Dogs in shelters.  If they met certain criteria she would take them for preliminary training before placing them with a law enforcement officer who would finish the job. That’s right — they got to move from their cells at the animal shelter to life on the street as working dogs.

With a full-time day-job and a rigorous dog training schedule of her own, she occasionally relied on others to do the screening.  Often the “candidates” had been surrendered due to destructive behavior that came from a combination of boredom, lack of training, and the strong need to work.

I had the privilege of evaluating and recommending this lovely young man… who went on to serve with distinction for many years.



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