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Its a dogs life

It’s a dog’s life (Photo credit: graeme_newcomb)

When it’s time to add a new dog to the family, what do you look for?  A particular breed or color?  Size? Gender?  Do you prefer to start with a puppy or enjoy the mixed bag of experiences that come with adopting a rescue dog?

Or, is it something a little less tangible?

In A Member of the Family, Cesar Millan reminds us:

The universal language of nature is energy — the way all animals transmit their feelings and intentions to one another.  Every animal on earth is born with a particular level of energy.  Energy transcends breed and bloodline, race and nationality.  When choosing <snip>we usually unconsciously seek out an energy level that in some way complements our own.  When selecting a dog, making sure your energy levels are compatible is the most important thing you can do…to help predict a happy companionship down the road.

For me, it has always been a combination of factors with “energy” & “chemistry” leading the way.

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