Oct 282014

Have you ever read a self-care post that was so long and so complicated it made you feel stressed? I don’t know about you but when I’m scrolling around for tips I am looking for something simple… I look for ways to stress less.


Visualize something lovely


1. Take five… Use it to visualize something pleasurable.

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2. Learn to meditate. There are lots of different meditation styles – keep trying ‘til you find one that works for you.

3. Concentrate on the present. There is rarely anything in the present that we can’t handle – most of the time it’s the idea of “handling it” for a long time that freaks us out!

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4. Watch your language.  How do you speak to yourself about yourself?  Many of us would never consider speaking to another human being in the tone we allow with our self-talk Could you be a bit kinder?  More supportive?  Try being more of a friend to yourself.

That’s it for now.  Keeping it short and simple.

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I welcome your favorite “stress less” tips in the comments.


  13 Responses to “4 Ways to Stress Less”

  1. Love this article Andrea as it is short simple and applicable for reducing stress! My favorite de-stressor is taking a shower where I visualize the water carrying away the tension, negative energy or anxiety and I watch it go down the drain. Massage is also a favorite of mine too. Thanks for your lovely writing dear friend

  2. Hi! I love this article because it is so spot-on and accurate. Wise words!
    Thank you for this post!

  3. Thanks, Andrea. I’m in total agreement, simple is better. Lately I’ve been stressing myself by forgetting to stay in the present. Today is just fine. Grateful for the reminder.

  4. Love these tips, Andrea. I’m with you…keep ’em simple and quick to read. KISS. 😉

  5. Love this, I’m a fan of simplicity myself. #3 is resonating deeply with me today. As I heard in the 12-step rooms, When you have one foot in yesterday and the other foot in tomorrow, you’re peeing all over today.

    Blunt. Effective.


  6. Hi Andrea,

    We can all use tips to destress. Thanks for yours. One thing I do is go for a walk in nature when I start to feel tired and low in energy after sitting at my computer for long periods of time. … Love your photo of the water lilies looking so beautiful, relaxed and free!

  7. Short and Sweet. Love it! Thank you.

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