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Although all of my talks and workshops are custom-designed for your audience, here are some ideas to get you started. Many of these topics can also be adapted for use as a keynote speech or private coaching package.

Don’t see *your* idea here? Drop a note or a give a call… let’s see what we can create together!


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Lessons from a Marching Band:  There’s a lot at play when creating a powerful team. Learn how to create harmony and rhythm in your unit: there’s more to it than looking good in the uniform and carrying the baton!

Get Over the Guilt: Growing up Direct:  Are you a Mom growing a successful direct sales team? Ever wonder what that means to the youngest members of your team? While providing for our kids is often the “why” we still sometimes feel guilty when the business collides with bedtime stories.  A direct sales career can give your kids a lot more than vacations and a college fund!

Let’s Put the ‘Fun’ Back into Fundraising:  All successful people give to their communities – that’s part of what makes them successful! But, have you ever tried to coordinate a fundraiser for your local group only to achieve less than stellar results? Good fundraising uses strategies that even your favorite local non-profit may not know about.

 Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn… Oh My!   Sometimes it really DOES feel like we’re not in Kansas anymore. Social media can level the playing field for small businesses committed to relationship marketing.  The game is changing and if you don’t want to be a “spammy Pammy” then you’ve got what it takes to succeed. What does it really mean to connect online?  Let’s talk about “why” and “how” you can put powerful, low-cost online tools to work for your business.

Bounce Back Better:  We never know when those “rainy days” will come along but learning to make deposits to build your mental and emotional “accounts” will help you be ready when the time comes. Let’s take a hard look at where you’re brilliant and where you can be better. You’ll leave with a plan that uses your strengths to overcome challenges…. and a bag of tricks to use when you need a little help to remember just how priceless you really are.

“This is your dance space & this is mine.  Let’s cha-cha-cha!”  No, we’re not going to spend our time together watching Dirty Dancing…. It’s time to check your boundaries! Do we really need them? Why? How do they help us and how can they get in the way? Do they change? Coaching, counseling or meddling? You can create clear spaces that honor  and elevate relationships with your customers, team members and family.

 Mirrors and Mentors and Models:  Every successful leader will tell you with great pride about those who helped inspire and nurture them to the top. Here’s an opportunity to take stock and appreciate what they’ve given you so far… and to look ahead to what you might want from your next mentor? How and where are you going to find her? (Or him?) And by the way, are you mentoring anyone? How’s it going? Get started or get better or both….

It Takes Resistance to FLY:  We all face resistance: from clients, prospects, family and friends. But sometimes it comes from inside. Are you blocking yourself? How? Are there steps you can take to overcome the obstacles between you and what you really want? And how badly do you really want it?

Welcome to the Oh-Care-O-Me Awards:  Burnt out? Suck it up, cupcake! Burnout is for victims — and that’s not you. Sure, you may want more recognition and support from the people around you but sometimes it’s just not there. Learn how to be more comfortable when you step into that spotlight and celebrate with your very own standing ovation — even when you’re the only one in the room!

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