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Oops. I didn’t realize that a private post would show up on my front page or that it would generate so many questions. Sorry. Not trying to be provocative or rude.

[Tweet “The Inner Critic Advantage is on the reading list for spring semester!”]

I was thrilled to learn that a good friend, early reader, and Performance Arts Department chair added The Inner Critic Advantage to students’ spring semester reading list. So, I wrote a note to the class. And, since I don’t know all any of them, I posted it here. That’s it. It’s something I’m happy grateful to do for groups and teams using one of my books.

Fun Medical

Positive attitude supports health.

And while we’re on the topic of support, did you see what my friend Penny wrote? Penny Ziegler is a psychiatrist and well-respected addictionologist. She’s also the medical director of Florida’s Professionals Resource Network and a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. (I have some very smart friends!)

“Most advice about overcoming the #InnerCritic suggests we ignore or avoid it. After all, the downward drag of harsh self-judgement can cause us to question our capabilities, our achievements, even our value as people. Many experts ask us to fight against such internal criticism, but that approach often fails. In The Inner Critic Advantage author, Andrea Patten brings an intriguing new perspective. She offers a gentler, more effective way to respond, a shift that lets us welcome the Inner Critic and the protective messages it brings. Instead of fighting ourselves (the critic is, in fact, part of us) we can use patience, mindfulness, curiosity, and humor… allowing us the chance to benefit from valuable messages. The Inner Critic Advantage is thought-provoking and well-written, an enjoyable and pragmatic approach to self-exploration and personal growth.”

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                       I love Lisa’s seminars!

And there’s more good news. My first (non-Amazon) retail outlet for The Inner Critic Advantage: Making Peace with the Noise in Your Head will be none other than Lisa Wilber’s success products store The Winner In You. Not only is Lisa currently Avon’s #5 money-earner in the US with a team of nearly 3,200 representatives, but she has also offered sales aids and team-building information since 1995. I admire her a great deal, am privileged to be able to attend her sales calls and proud to call her a friend.

[Tweet “Performing arts, health, and sales = lots of #InnerCritics”]

What I love most about these shows of support is their diversity: performing arts, health, and sales. That variety illustrates the point that #innercritic struggles are not limited to a particular type of person or profession. Anyone can wrestle with intense self-criticism and can benefit from learning how to turn it into support. If you’re connected with a group or a class that would benefit from making peace with the noise in their heads (and would like a special message), please get in touch with me, either through the comments or via my Facebook Page. Thanks!




Oct 142015



Greetings, friends.  The manuscript for my new book is making the rounds of beta-readers. I am collecting information for the cover designer who asked me to pose a question to you.  Ready?

If you wanted to increase your confidence, would you buy a book titled The Inner Critic Advantage: Learning to Love That Thing in Your Head

  • No (59%, 16 Votes)
  • Yes (41%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 27

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That’s it!  If you’d like to provide the production team (and me) with a little more support, please  use the comments to add a few words about why you voted the way you did.  Thanks!


Update: Thank you all for your helpful feedback. We went back to the drawing board. The adjusted title is undergoing a “mini-poll” over on my Facebook page.  (Sorry for any inconvenience.)


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Aug 112015

Brian Tracy

This is a wonderful, warm, inspiring book for every parent who wants his/her child to fulfill his/her full potential in life. 

—Brian Tracy, author, How to Raise Happy, Self-Confident Children

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Aug 072015


Take the goal of educating and inspiring young people… add hard work, persistence and integrity and you have What Kids Need to Succeed: a book that supports the JA mission and helps parents raise successful adults.  —David S.  Chernow, President & CEO, Junior Achievement Worldwide


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