My name is Andrea and I’m an addict…



 I feed my writing habit by providing support to artists, writers, sales people and other owners of unique small businesses.
I love introducing great people, products and ideas to one another.  Some friends call me a “dot-connector on steroids.”  Others say I’m more like the housekeeper:  I help people clean up messes.  Mostly in their heads. Clients also use me to look for ways to improve blogs, social media strategies, manuscripts, training and retention programs, families, teams and…  pretty much anything they’re feeling stressed about.
And whether you describe that part of my work as “coaching,” “consulting,” or something else…  I help people find their personal landmarks.  Click here to learn a little bit about how and WHY  I do things the way I do.

“It’ll be OK in the end.  If it’s not OK, it’s not the end.”

So what makes me think I can help you?

Actually, that’s a trick question.  I don’t know if I can help.  And neither do you… at least until we talk it over a bit.
I’ve got a lot of experience helping people make changes.  I worked as an addictions & family violence interventionist for many years; today I live my own happily-ever-after.  I am a Mom, newlywed & recent grandma whose work includes writing, coaching, training & building little websites.  I conduct a variety of workshops and retreats.  Click here to take a look at: some popular topics,  Wonder Women Weekends and  combining travel and training for your team.
In “other lives” I’ve been a marketing geek, a waitress, a ski instructor & a cowgirl. Before that I fingerpainted & ate paste.   I love dogs.

I am passionate helping people access opportunities & showcase their talents. Sharing in their success is humbling & genuinely inspiring.  I like to think of it as being a great editor for life stories.  Is there part of your life story that could use a little spellcheck?

Do you get sick of “pie in the sky,”  “one size fits all,” SPAM dressed up as a newsletter… or $20 products that come with $5,000 “bonuses?”

Me, too.

I like helping people get unstuck.  I respect your time, your intelligence and your budget.  Let’s talk about a plan to bridge from your current skills, budget and lifestyle to where you really want to be.


~Andrea ~

 E-mail  me today to start a confidential conversation… Or, if you’re not ready to do that let’s get acquainted on Twitter or FaceBook

P.S.  Click here to find out if I think we’re going to be a good match


P.P.S. And the quiz here called me “The Secret Weapon.”  Wow.

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